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How a dedicated Digital Presence can help businesses in a quick recovery from the Covid-19 slump

It is not unknown that the ongoing pandemic has created a ‘new normal’ for businesses. With lockdowns increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, along with Social Distancing and minimum physical interaction, the small and medium businesses have been hit hard. With shutters being down for months on end, and a highly skeptical customer post that, the profits have been stemmed. But every darkness brings with it a new ray of light. And for the MSMEs, Digital marketing is that aura of hope. The virtual capabilities of businesses need to be ramped up. And here are some of the ways to go about it-

  1. Establish a Clear Digital Presence: Most businesses in India currently operate in an offline model, something which restricts their growth in the long run. We need to understand and acknowledge the role of digital marketing in the growth of a business. And with the new normal in place, it becomes even more vital. Build a Website, generate traffic, increase customer engagement in the social media platforms, and start promoting your brand.
  2. Work on Inbound marketing: A good way to go about it would be to work towards developing customer outreach programs. It is possible to build a strong connection with clients and customers even without a regular physical interaction. We need to make sure that every digital communication channel is exploited to reach the maximum crowd, filter out leads, and grow the business. A good way to do that would be to engage directly with customers using surveys, contests, etc. so that their mindscape can be captured.
  3. Collect Data and build your Database: When it comes to the most important assets of a successful firm, Data is second to none. This age of technology runs on data;  the more extensive a firm’s database of information, the better poised it is for the lung run. Build a channel to collect data relevant to your business from the visitors on your website and social media handles. A good way to start would be by collecting email addresses, phone numbers, and their need.
  4. Hire a Digital Consultant for the best results: While digital marketing can help you reach out to a larger audience, getting the digital strategy right is also an important aspect of the equation. And this can consume a lot of your time and money. At Digital Professionals, you have a one-stop solution for your business needs. Right from setting up your website to working on SEO, from designing digital brochures and flyers for your firm to engaging on social media handles, we have got you covered!

So tell us your business needs, and focus on your business while we get your Digital right...